Retrofit Originality Incorporated

Today ROI presents a team that has the full range of mechanical, automation and special energy systems engineering capabilities required for today’s modern, sophisticated building design. The market today requires much more than basic system design. ROI is capable of providing the services necessary to meet the developer/owners special requirements for building automation, energy conservation, energy tracking, demand reduction, distributed
generation/cogeneration and mechanical retrofit systems.

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Impacts of Thermal Storage. OTCOM’s mission is to effectively increase the market penetration of energy technologies offering compelling energy, environmental, diversity and economic development benefits.

Thermal Energy Storage Solution. TES is a fully-proven technology that can improve power plant efficiency by 20% to 43%, improve cooling system efficiency by up to 25%, and reduce cooling system related peak electrical demands by 60% to 80%

Variable Speed Everything. We typically see annual chiller plant energy reductions of 30% to 50% compared to the existing systems, with many facilities exhibiting efficiency gains above 50%.