About ROI

Retrofit Originality Incorporated (ROI) was founded in 1987 to provide the Commercial/Industrial/Institutional real estate industries with consulting and engineering expertise in Thermal Energy Storage, energy conservation, demand reduction/control and computerized equipment control and automation systems.

Today ROI presents a team that has the full range of mechanical, automation and special energy systems engineering capabilities required for today’s modern, sophisticated building design. The market today requires much more than basic system design. ROI is capable of providing the services necessary to meet the developer/owners special requirements for building automation, energy conservation, energy tracking, demand reduction, distributed generation/cogeneration and mechanical retrofit systems.

ROI specializes in planning, design, specification and construction compliance services for mechanical system design, energy system retrofit and building automation projects. In addition, ROI provides construction coordination, system commissioning and troubleshooting services to facilitate the smooth, efficient transition from construction program to project operation.

ROI is a California corporation whose principals are recognized within the industry for excellence in design and professionalism in approach.

The ROI team offers:

Our clients are people and organizations who have a stake in the functional performance of their building systems. The projects we design are at the forefront of proven state-of-the-art system concepts. Our internal operating processes are honed to keep our work competitively priced while providing superior service for our clients.

The dedication and tenacity we apply to our assignments result in building systems that work in the real world, minimizing operating expenses to the greatest extent possible.  For example, we have  approximately 7,000,000 square feet of office and university space where the total chiller plant operates at less than 0.60 kW per ton on an annual basis.  Most of these chiller plants operate at less than 0.55 kW per ton on an annual basis.  The total chiller plant includes the energy consumed by the chillers, the chilled water pumps, the condenser water pumps and the cooling tower fans.