The Principals of ROI, either while at ROI or during previous employment, have performed commissioning services as long ago as the 1960′s, when it was common practice to turn over a complete functional building to the owners/developers.

More recently, we have been brought in on many projects where the contractors and owners have determined that a third party was required in order to turn the building over in an optimal manner. In many of these buildings, contractors and owners were in dispute, and we were brought in to settle the issue in an unbiased manner, to the satisfaction of all concerned.

The Principals and senior engineers which do the commissioning work are naturally inquisitive and adept at problem solving. We have been called “the 16 inch cannons” by more than one of our clients. When no one else can resolve an issue, we have the knowledge, background and tenacity to bring an issue to resolution.

Where many Engineering Firms primarily do tenant development work, our bread and butter comes from creating energy efficient buildings and systems, performing building commissioning and solving complex problems, cost effectively.