Design – Build Team Engineer

On many projects, the owners wish to proceed on a design-build basis due to time constraints.   We act as the owners representative, to assist them in obtaining the best HVAC system in the shortest possible time frame.

In this role, our work is very similar to that associated with the Mechanical Systems Architect role, but we are developing a criteria bid package for design-build contractors to work from, rather than working with another Engineering firm.

We are typically retained directly by the owner to eliminate any potential conflicts between the “do it right” desires of the owner and the “do it cheaper” mentality of the typical Design-Build Contractor.

We perform preliminary engineering on the project, determining the proper refrigeration equipment sizes and selections, design the hydraulic configuration, size the piping systems, select the proper air distribution equipment, and develop other performance based criteria  for the design-build contracting team to follow.

We typically fully engineer the DDC control system, including very detailed control system sequences of operation that can span 40 to 100 pages for a typical facility and chiller plant.  We find that the easiest way for a design-build contractor to “get low” at bid time is to scrimp heavily on the control system.  By completely designing the controls to meet the needs of the owners and being very specific about our desires and the design intent, we are far more likely to obtain an overall system that meets the owners expectations.

After the front end engineering work has been completed, we can assemble a bid package, including top level plans and specifications. We work with the owner to select qualified bidders, and can then review the bids, assist the owner in selecting the most responsive bidder, review the equipment and shop drawing submittals for conformance with the design intent. To maximize lifecycle savings, we prefer to carry our work through the Commissioning and Operator Training phases.