Design / Engineering

We have the ability to design projects ranging from a 15,000 ton chiller plant with 40,000 ton hours of thermal energy storage capacity, to a 100 ton chiller change out project.

Our skill set is best utilized and most cost effective when there are problems to be overcome, or substantial benefits to be gained on a project. Our experience has shown that we can reduce HVAC-related energy consumption by a minimum of 10% to over 60%, and peak electrical demands by up to 90%, depending upon the Scope of work and budgetary constraints of the project.

We are not the firm that is typically called for standard tenant improvement ductwork
and zone terminal layouts. There are numerous firms across the country that are
adept at that level of work. We perform peer reviews and develop design and
construction standards for this type of work if we are requested to do so by our clients.

Many of our Principals and Senior Engineers come from a controls, operating and
troubleshooting background, and this history of working in the field with the operating
staffs has honed the way we design our mechanical and control systems.

We have analyzed, designed and commissioned everything from rooftop packaged
units to heat pumps to process heating and cooling systems to some of the worlds
largest TES systems. We have had an extremely wide range of project involvement,
which helps to reduce analysis, design and commissioning costs – we don’t have to
begin our knowledge base from scratch on each project.

Our Principal Engineers and Senior Consultants spend a substantial portion of their
year on project sites doing quality assurance and working directly on the projects with
owners and their operating staff.

We have built our reputation across the country by designing systems that work in the
real world, provide the operating staffs the ability to see the results of the changes
they make, and by training the staffs to continue to improve upon the project after we
have left the site.

For example, at the Arden Realty 8383 Wilshire Project, the Energy User News
National Energy Efficient Office Building Award winner for 2000, we were able to
reduce the energy consumption of the facility by 26%, even while the occupant density
increased by 13%, and the tenant calls decreased by 47%.

As a part of our Scope, we were retained by Arden Realty to Commission the project
and train their operating staff, and since we have left the project, the Operating
Engineers have continued to reduce the energy consumption of the facility by an
additional 7%.

Are we upset that we did not obtain all of the potential savings on the first go-around?
Of course not. We realize that the operating staffs live with their buildings every day,
and understand the intricacies of each space and tenant preference far better than we
could, unless we lived at the building as well. On the contrary, we are proud that the
people we have trained have continued to hone the building operations, and we love
getting calls from the staff describing what they have done to improve the results – we
learn as much from the site Engineers as they learn from us, and we carry this
knowledge to our other projects.

The automation and control systems are where the HVAC system operation is either
made or broken. Our Principle Engineers and Senior Consultants have a combined
total of 80 years of direct control system design experience. Most of our control system
designs are configured to allow totally automatic system operation without operator
intervention, and are simple to follow and modify, should the operator wish to change
the sequences to further optimize energy performance of the system.