Distributed Generation

For many facilities, Distributed Generation and/or cogeneration systems are beginning to make sense once again.

ROI is the lead Engineering firm involved in designing cogeneration systems for Arden Realty and CommonWealth Partners for RealEnergy Incorporated.

The RealEnergy Cogeneration Business model makes sense for many facility owners, as it adds another source of revenue to their portfolio.   Typically, the cogeneration system is sized to serve the building base load, with no potential for sale of power to the utility grid.

The systems can be implemented in several fashions:

At no cost to the owner – RealEnergy takes the full system risk, and the tenants pay the same rates that they would have paid to the Utility provider.           The owner is paid an Access Fee to allow RealEnergy to install their equipment at the site, and have access to their tenant base.


Arden Realty

CommonWealth Partners/ CALPERS

Real Energy Incorporated