Measurement & Verification

Measurement and verification has been an integral part of our project success since the mid-1980′s when we started designing our own TES systems for clients. We had witnessed dozens of marginal/inadequate TES systems get designed and installed, and did not want this to occur on any of our projects.   To avoid this, we studied each failed system we could find, determined where the weak links were, and developed our own cures for the problems.

To make sure that the manufacturers and installers complied with the design intent and performance specifications for our systems, we developed an M&V and testing protocol long before ASHRAE was able to get one developed and accepted by the consensus process.

More recently with the advent of the California Utility administered Standard Performance Contract energy efficiency incentive programs, a substantial M&V requirement has arrived, in order to prove that the system is providing the savings promised. Based on our experience with these systems and the utility requirements, we are able to cost effectively perform these services for our clients.

We typically utilize the M&V system as a part of our Commissioning process, to determine where operational changes make the most difference, and which changes improve system overall performance, and which changes should be discarded.

The substantial use of the M & V equipment and systems has allowed us to hone our sequences of operations to minimize energy costs and maximize tenant comfort.