Office Buildings

8383 Wilshire

This retrofit project started out with the aim of reducing the energy consumption at this 417,463 square foot office tower located in Beverly Hills, CA.  The original design of the HVAC system utilized discharge static pressures as high as 6.0 inches W.C., and had 1,250 kW worth of electric heat installed, as well as 1,000 HP of constant speed, backward inclined supply fans.







701 B. Street

This 540,000 square foot facility was chronically short of cooling capacity, and had been having problems meeting the cooling load for over ten years prior to our involvement. The penthouse supply fan systems were routinely at full pitch and full fan amps by 10:00 in the morning if the weather was 72°F or higher. Above 80°F ambient, the supply air temperature rose almost proportionally with the ambient conditions.





5200 West Century

This 10 story, 330,000 square foot Arden Realty building at 5200 West Century was a see-through building when it was purchased, with less than 30% occupancy.  Even with these low levels of occupancy, the HVAC system was unable to provide the necessary cooling to the tenants, and the system static pressure routinely ran at less than 0.5″ discharge static pressure with the fans at full pitch and power demand, with a design discharge static pressure of 2.0″.