Performance Assurance

We typically refer to our Performance Assurance services as “Commissioning Lite”.

Where there is inadequate budget or need for a detailed commissioning process, we can be brought in to perform system testing and evaluations and determine if the system is performing as desired, and evaluate different operating strategies that may substantially improve the process, while reducing operating costs.

For example at the first chiller plant we designed at a large university in Southern California, there was no budget available for Commissioning, so we were retained to tune the system after it had been turned over by the mechanical and controls contractors. We evaluated system operations for about a week, went in one day, changed the operating setpoints and reset ranges, and reduced energy consumption by 6% to 8% compared to the pre-tuneup performance. This was an unforseen outcome, as the system had already been reducing the energy consumption by over 40% compared to the system it replaced.