Punch Listing

Our Principal Engineers and Senior Consultants have substantial field experience, spending a majority of our time out of the office and at project sites. This background experience allows us to identify potential problems that would otherwise be overlooked by the typical staff engineer that is sent to the site to develop the punch list.

For example, on the Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital AHU replacement project, the initial punchlists were in excess of 50 pages long. ROI was involved in the design, commissioning, punchlisting and testing of the project, but did not participate in the ongoing Construction Management or Quality Control at the site, as these duties were supposed to be handled by another firm. One catch by our team was that the electrical contractor had wired the control system for every AHU with wire gage two sizes smaller than specified by the manufacturer, and this turned out to cause a substantial number of problems until corrections were made.

We know of very few firms that have the ability to turn up serious potential problems and the patience and tenacity to get them resolved.