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AEE – Energy Services Performance Contracting

Protecting Owners’ Interests, Pitfalls to Avoid

Training Presentation for 100+ Attendees at the AEE meeting/So Cal Chapter

Southern California Edison

Proper Design Techniques/Pitfalls of Hybrid Gas-Electric Cooling Systems

Training Seminar for 45 SCE Engineers

PM Realty Group

How HVAC Systems Work, and How to Optimize their Use

Training Seminar for 15 Chief Engineers, controlling 4,000,000+ Square Feet

ASHRAE Building Commissioning Technical Seminar

Thermal Energy Storage System Commissioning

Training Seminar for 50 Engineers

ASHRAE Building Commissioning Technical Seminar

Developing Proper Commissioning Specifications

Training Seminar for 50 Engineers

Thermal Energy Storage Utilities Council of California – Sacramento

Case Study Presentation

How to Save 6,600,000 kWh Annually using Ice Storage

Thermal Energy Storage Utilities Council of California – Los Angeles

Keeping TES Alive Through Energy Conservation –

Energy Conservation Design Strategies for TES

National Conference on Building Commissioning – Sacramento

6310 San Vicente – A Case Study In Renovation Commissioning

Described the L.A. DWP Pilot Commissioning Project

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Training Seminar for 25 Local Engineers

TES/Energy Conservation Design Guidelines

El Paso Electric, El Paso, Texas

Training Seminar for 40 Local Engineers

Making TES Work – What to Watch Out For

Southern California Edison

Training Seminar for SCE Energy Conservation Representatives

TES – What are the Proper Applications?

AEE Energy Conservation Seminar

TES Design Strategies That Work

ASHRAE Southern California

TES System Design Strategies

Training Seminar for 75 Local Engineers

ASHRAE Southern California CTC 3

Vice Chairman – Energy Efficient TES System Design

AEE Globalcon ’92

TES as an Energy Conservation Tool

SMUD/Sacramento ASHRAE Chapter

Training Seminar for 80 Local Engineers

Energy Conservation Design Techniques

DWP Engineering Focus Group

Non-Residential Rebate Program Evaluation

DWP Engineering Focus Group

TES Incentive Program Enhancements

AEE Worldcon ’91

Using TES to Conserve Energy

AEE Worldcon ’91

The Energy and Economic Effects of the New Refrigerants