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Salt River Project, AZ

Training Seminar for 120 Area Engineers

Making TES Into an Energy Conservation Tool

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Energy Conservation Training Seminar

Thermal Energy Storage Utility Council of California

Developing Standards for Qualifying

TES Design Firms for California Utilities

California Institute for Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient TES Design

AEE Southern California Annual Energy Seminar

Using TES as an Energy Conservation Tool

ASHRAE Tri-County Seminar

All About TES – System Types and Economics

Association of Professional Energy Managers (APEM)

Optimizing Chiller Based HVAC and TES System Performance

Association of Energy Engineers – Western Regional Conference

Optimized TES System Design Reduces

First Cost and Increases Efficiency

AEE 10th Annual World Energy Engineering Conference

Enhancing TES Performance by Incorporating

Large Waterside Temperature Differentials

L.A. Department of Water and Power Training Seminar

Chilled Water TES System Design & Operational Criteria

AEE Southern California Meeting

Emerging TES Technologies

L.A. Department of Water and Power 1990’s Energy Symposium

Enhancing TES System Performance

Riverside Public Utility

Training Seminar for Local Engineers

Thermal Energy Storage Design Workshop

L.A. Department of Water and Power Training Seminar

TES Technology Overview

Nine Different TES System Designs

  1. A. Unified School District

TES Training Seminar (twice)

Training for In-House Engineers, Architects and Maintenance Staff

DOE/Western Area Power Administration – Co-Sponsored by Los Angeles DWP

The Economic Effects of Incorrect TES System Sizing

Association of Energy Engineers – 1989 Energy Conservation/Training Seminar

Large Temperature Differential Chilled Water TES System Design

ASHRAE Tri-County Chapter – Training Seminar

Large Temperature Differential Design can

Reduce First/Operating Costs on Retrofits

AEE Southern California Annual Seminar

Thermal Energy Storage System Types and Applications

ASHRAE Southern California Chapter

Large Delta T Chilled Water Storage System Design