Specialty Consulting

ROI is not a traditional engineering firm in any sense of the word. We are at our best and most cost effective when there are problems to be resolved, or the ability to make a lifecycle cost difference to the owners or leaseholders at a facility.

We have not been involved in the design of speculative buildings, as our typical client is a long term owner or leaseholder that has more than a desire to turn a building over every two years. Even in the 80′s when it seemed every engineering firm around was developing cheaper and cheaper means to “air condition” a facility, we stuck by our traditional client base, and helped them weather the onslaught of new “cheap” office space.

Many of our clients have now bought facilities of this type at fire sale prices and we
have helped them upgrade the HVAC systems to actually meet the needs of the
tenants. Many of these buildings were purchased at relatively low prices, several
below their cost of construction, due to their inherent HVAC problems and resulting low
lease rates.
The following pages briefly describe specialty or niche consulting areas, where our
expertise can be utilized cost effectively.

Speciality Consulting
• Peer Review
◦ World’s Tallest Building
• Due Diligence
• Expert Witness
• Punch listing
• Utility Incentive Assistance
• Measurement and Verification (M&V)
• Performance Assurance
• Financial Analysis / Facility Audits
◦ Investment Grade Audits
◦ Top Level Audits