Thermal Energy Storage

The Principals of ROI, either while at ROI or during previous employment, have had substantial involvement with many different Thermal Energy Storage projects.

We specialize in energy efficient Thermal Energy Storage system design, especially for facilities with “critical nature” 24 hour per day cooling loads.

As a sampling of the energy efficient nature of our designs, we offer the following brief descriptions:

The Challenger Memorial Youth Center detention facility TES system uses approximately 30% less energy than a typical central plant facility. The net first cost on this system was zero after engineering revisions and the Utility incentive was applied.

The Pitchess Honor Rancho TES system uses approximately 25% less energy than a typical central plant facility. This TES system is powered from a 22 MegaWatt natural gas fired cogeneration plant, and is used to balance the electrical demand on the cogeneration facility.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Computer Operations Facility TES system reduced energy consumption by approximately 2,900,000 kWh’s annually when compared to the original design.

n addition to the vast background in the design and analysis of TES projects, the Principals of ROI have provided Southern California Edison, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and numerous private clients with in-depth reviews of TES Feasibility Analyses and TES system designs which have been performed by other engineering firms.

These reviews have resulted in substantial savings to the owners of the systems being analyzed. We provide this service to our clients as a first step in our system design efforts.

We have provided services directly to SCE and DWP concerning Feasibility Analysis for their own facilities, as well as being retained to assist them in the trouble shooting of several problem TES projects.

Our concentrated experience in the TES field is second to none.           We have the necessary background to provide the client with a simple, straightforward TES system design which will provide the operational staff with many worry-free hours of operation.

Our experience does not end with TES system design and commissioning.  Over the years, we have spent untold hours working with SCE and DWP in the refinement of their TES programs and rate structures to get the most “reality-based” programs possible and best use of ratepayer dollars.

Other projects are described in the following text. The list is not complete, and is meant to display a variety of system types and applications.

We have performed feasibility studies, system design, startup testing, troubleshooting and/or commissioning of the following projects: