We are adept at providing training and education, both to design engineers and also to operating engineers. We believe  “Give a man a fish and he’ll be fed for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll be fed for life.” We do everything we can to educate the people we work with, and in the process, we usually learn something ourselves.

During our commissioning process, we always request that the operating engineer be allocated time to accompany us, especially when we are testing failure modes and control system loop tuning. If the operating engineer knows how to recover from a system failure without bypassing the control system, and if he is able to fine-tune the HVAC system after we are gone, the commissioning process will continue long after we have left the site.

Our energy analysis, commissioning and design experience has allowed us to develop training seminars on a variety of topics, most of them TES, central plant, energy efficiency and control systems related.

Our Principal Engineers are still “hands-on” with every project that we undertake, meaning that we actually get out in the field and work with the owners and operating staff. We learn from every project that we are involved with, and really enjoy being able to transfer this knowledge to other interested parties.

For Owners or Owners Representatives that oversee multiple sites and for Utility representatives it can be cost effective to have weekly or bi-weekly training sessions to cover a few selected topics, or everything from soup to nuts. We pride ourselves for the hands on training that we provide – where the Engineers can actually see the results of their efforts immediately – both good and bad.

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