Worlds Tallest Building

ROI was retained by Cushman & Wakefield International, through their United States affiliate, Cushman & Wakefield of California, Inc., to perform peer review services for the Fire/Lifesafety systems, the smoke evacuation systems, the DDC control systems, air distribution systems, the chiller plant systems and the Thermal Energy Storage system for this proposed facility in XXXXX.

The ROI review comments, totaling over 50 pages in length, caught many issues that would have negatively impacted the facility, financially as well as operationally. ROI modifications would have resulted in a net cost reduction of several million dollars US, as well as increasing the net rentable space on the upper floors by almost 40%.

As one specific example of our comments, there were multiple layers of heat exchanger systems cascaded from one HX loop to the next going up the building, designed to isolate the pressure of the systems in the high rise portion of the facility, but it appeared that the performance degradation of the cooling coil systems         caused by the fluid temperature increasing a few degrees each time it passed through a heat exchanger was not accounted for in the cooling coil selections. This situation would have precluded the use of the low temperature air design that had been proposed, since the coil surface would not have been adequate for the intended duty.

Cushman & Wakefield International could have retained any engineering firm in the world for this service, but they chose ROI based on previous positive experiences with our firm. We have the ability to work well in a variety of situations and with very diverse personalities, while meeting stringent time constraints.